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FAQ About Standby Generators

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Losing power during storms can cause numerous problems, such as if someone in your household has to use medical equipment that relies on electricity to work. A long power outage is also stressful to deal with when it causes food to spoil because there's no electricity available for the refrigerator to work. If you have experienced power outages in the past and want to avoid the problems that they caused, it can be done by getting a standby generator for your home.

The type of generator that you choose will determine the extent of electricity it will be able to provide during power outages. Browse through the information below for answers to some of the common questions that homeowners have in regards to standby generators.

How Long Does a Standby Generator Work?

A standby generator will be able to provide different levels of power based on the type that you get. A small generator might only be able to provide power for several hours, while a larger can possibly provide power for as long as it is needed. Keep in mind that the size of your house in comparison to the generator can also have an effect on the extent of power that you will receive. For example, a small generator might only have the ability to power up one or more rooms in your house. It is wise to get a powerful generator that can provide unlimited electricity if the need ever arises for it.

Will a Generator Automatically Power Up?

Whether or not a generator will automatically come on during a power outage depends on the model. This is because some models are designed for manual operation when they are needed. If you want the generator to automatically power up, it must be the type that can be connected to the electrical wiring in your house. The generator will basically be able to sense power outages and automatically come on. When your regular electricity comes back on, the generator will automatically shut itself off.

Should an Electrician Be Hired for Installation?

It is important to hire an electrician if you opt for a generator that can automatically power up during a power outage. This is because he or she will have to install a transfer switch so the generator can work as it is designed to. A transfer switch will also give you the ability to control which rooms in the house are powered up when the generator is running.

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