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Experiencing One Of These 3 Problems? Then You Need An Electrical Contractor!

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It is very important to know when you need to call for an appointment with an electrical contractor so he or she can examine problems that your home's electrical system is experiencing. Should you find that you are not aware of these signs, or simply want a refresher, you will want to keep reading.

Power Throughout The House Fluctuates

No matter what electrical appliance or device you are running, you should be able to do so without power in another part of the house becoming reduced. You should also never experience all of the house lights dimming in response to extra energy being used. Therefore, if these are things that you are noticing, it is vital that you get in contact with an electrical contractor as soon as possible. It could simply be that your electrical panel needs updated and expanded to handle your home's growing need for more power. Then again, there could be a problem with the main power line that feeds into the home and then into the electrical panel. Only a licensed electrician will be able to figure this out for you and then repair the problem.

Sparks Pop Out Of Electrical Sockets

Whether you are trying to plug something in or unplug it, you should never notice or feel any sparks coming from any of your electrical sockets. If you do, then you need to put an immediate stop to the usage of that particular socket. Cover it with electrical tape if you must in order to remind yourself and other household members that that particular outlet cannot be used until a reputable electrical contractor takes a look at it. The problem is most likely either the plug itself has gone bad and needs replaced or the wiring that ties into the outlet has frayed or become slightly loose. Either way, this is usually a very easy problem for an electrician to solve for you.

Your Light Fixture Or Ceiling Fan Smells

If you happen to notice that your light fixture or ceiling fan is giving off a smell, like something is burning or melting, you will need to immediately shut off power to that room. This can be done by going to your electrical panel and flipping the breaker that belongs to that room into the off position. Do not allow the power to that room to be turned back on by anyone in your home until an electrician has solved the problem. The fixture may be bad, wiring could be frayed, or water could have leaked into the electrical section of the unit from a leaky roof you did not know about.

Should you find that you are experiencing any of those problems, or others that concern you, you will want to call in an electrician right away, such as from Powell's Electric Service, Inc.