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Getting The Most Out Of Your Central Air System In Summer

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When summer heat comes at you full force, you want to make sure that your central air conditioning is working at its best. Not only do you want to stay cool, but save on your power bill as well. However, without making simple changes, or skimping on proper maintenance, your central air conditioning may not keep you as cool as you'd like during the hottest days. Here are some of the things you can do to make it easier on your system so it works best when you need it most.

Keep your curtains and shades drawn:

Blocking or reducing the light entering the rooms you want to keep cool can help keep the temperature down and make it easier on your air conditioning. If having natural light coming into your home is important to you, then only close the curtains on the side of the house where the light is strongest. You can also try a layered approach to your curtains by combining light blocking curtains with more sheer curtains and only close one or the other at a time depending on how much light you need.

Shield your thermostat:

Make sure that sunlight is not hitting your thermostat because that could cause your air conditioning system to run harder and longer than necessary. Instead, have it moved to a more shaded area of the room or shield the sunlight away from the unit. One other thing you might want to consider is upgrading to a smart thermostat that is usually more accurate and programmable. You should set it so that it doesn't go below the highest temperature in which you are comfortable. Some units can even be control remotely through an app just in case you forgot to do it before you leave home.

Clean your system:

You should be, at least, checking or changing your filter regularly. How often depends on if you have pets and how many people are in the home. However, you must have your air duct system checked and cleaned about every three to five years. Doing this will help improve the airflow as well as reduce allergens and mold. While the ducts are being cleaned, have the insulation checked and replace any damaged insulation or fix cracks. That way, you won't lose precious cool air.

If you feel your system is in need of maintenance, then have your system cleaned and inspected. While this is being done, check into the possibility of replacing your older system with something newer. New systems are often very energy efficient and can save you money in the long run. You may only need to change a small part of the system and still keep your ducts and everything else intact. Contact a service company, like Plisko Service Solutions, for more info.