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Mechanicals And Remodeling: What Repairs And Improvements Will Your Home Need?

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When you remodel your home, the mechanical systems may be something that you give little thought to. There are improvements and repairs that will need to be done to complete your mechanical systems, such as installing new plumbing for bathrooms, electrical wiring that meets building code and adding HVAC to meet the needs of added space with additions and finishing unfinished space in areas like basements. Here are some of the different repairs and improvements your home will need when you take on a big remodeling project:

1. Plumbing Repairs and Improvements for Bathrooms and Kitchens

When you are ready to remodel a bathroom or kitchen, you can be sure that there are going to be some changes that need to be made to plumbing. First, you will want to check for leaks in your home and do any repairs that are needed. You may also want to improve your plumbing with features like plumbing manifolds and energy efficient water heaters. If you are removing a lot of water lines for your remodeling projects, consider using modern plastic plumbing systems that cost a lot less than copper lines that may already be installed in your home.

2. Electrical Improvements When Wiring Needs to Meet Modern Building Codes

Electrical wiring is another area that will need to have work done to it anywhere you remodel your home. If you expose old, outdated wiring, you will also quickly find out that it has to be brought up to standards with modern building codes. In areas like kitchens and bathrooms, you are going to need to install ground fault or GFI outlets. In addition, your electrical wiring will need to have enough service with a certain number of outlets for each wall. You may also need to rewire electrical systems that have been exposed where old wiring has poor insulation or damaged. If there is existing wiring that has not been exposed and does not need repairs, it will usually be fine if untouched.

3. Adding HVAC When Remodeling Projects Include Adding Space to Your Home

Is your remodeling project going to add space to your home? The mechanical systems have to also be added to this space, which includes adding plumbing and electrical wiring. HVAC also needs to be added, but sometimes an existing system may be too small. Ductless AC is an option that you may want to consider for the additional space in your home if you do not want to have a completely new HVAC system installed. If the HVAC system for your home was oversized when it was installed, then some new ducts and changes to existing ducts will be enough to get heating and air conditioning to the newly finished space.

These are some of the repairs and improvements that mechanical systems are going to need when you take on a big remodeling project. Contact an electrical contractor to help with some of the changes needed to bring your wiring up to date with modern electrical codes.  

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