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4 Tips For Protecting Your Home From Electrical Hazards This Fall

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There are specific dangers that the fall season presents when it comes to electrical safety in and around the home. Most likely, you have running electricity in or around your home, so it's important that you know what these dangers are and how to prevent them from starting an electrical fire in your home. Here are four tips to consider this fall:

Avoid Contact With Overhead Wires: The fall season is a time when it's important to take care of your roof and trim your trees. While doing this, you want to be sure that you do not make contact with overhead wires. This means that your ladder and other tools should not be touching these wires, which can only lead to an electrical fire starting or electrocution when you go to use the ladder or tools. You should also only call in professional tree trimmers if there are branches that have become overgrown and are touching the overhead wires. They will be able to trim the branches safely so as not to start a problem with the electrical current. 

Check Electrical Wires: For any electrical source you are going to be plugging in this winter, you need to be sure that you check the electrical wires for any worn wires that need replacing. For example, your space heater should not be used if the wire is worn. 

Rake Away From Electrical Outlets: When raking the leaves in your yard, be sure that you rake all leaves away from electrical outlets that you have outdoors. This is important because the leaves can spark a fire. 

Don't Overload Outlets: Since you are going to be spending more time indoors as the weather becomes cooler, you are probably going to be using more electricity. If this is the case, it's important not to overload the outlets by plugging too many appliances into one socket using power cords. If you are using electrical appliances that use a lot of electricity, you should break them up by plugging them into different outlets in the home if you can. You should also unplug anything that is not being used. 

When you utilize these four tips this fall, you can be sure that you avoid the higher chance of electrical fire, which is a common source for home fires, especially towards the end of the year when the weather is cooler. Keep your family safe by taking these tips seriously. Talk to an electrician for more information.